Debbie Rule is a Christian motivational speaker who travels all over the country. Her inspirational messages on life and relationships, encourage and empower people to fulfill their destinies.  She is an anointed speaker, prophetess, and passionate worship leader.  Debbie knows how to engage and motivate an audience through the power of the Holy Spirit. She brings wisdom, fresh revelation, and prophecy to every event.  
Debbie has been ministering for over 25 years by teaching God’s word, helping others grow in relationships, through song as a worship leader and performer. Her passion is to equip and empower men and women of all ages to fulfill their destiny.
Debbie founded Faithfully Blonde Ministry in 2008. Faithfully Blonde is a ministry designed to help women learn to be who God created them to be and fulfill their destiny. Debbie is a dynamic speaker, author, personal/ life coach, and recording artist.
She is a professional member of the National Speaker Association. Debbie also works in the entertainment industry with agents and managers internationally promoting young talent. Not only is Debbie a life coach, but in the entertainment industry she equips/trains coaches in Acting for Television/Film, Modeling, and Voice.
She is a recording artist with Heart of Texas Records where she enjoys ministering through Traditional Country Music.
Debbie has great wisdom, knowledge and Holy Spirit inspired revelation. As a personality trainer and expert she brings great insight on the differences between personalities and the differences between men and women. In order to have healthy whole relationships we need to have a deeper understanding of who we are. We also need the understanding of who others are and how to relate with one another.
She brings a humorous approach to life applicable information about marriage and family through seminars and workshops. One of her primary goals is to equip prospective couples to have a successful marriages and families.  She will help couples not only understand the differences between men and women, but the differences between personalities as well.
Who The Heck Did I Marry is a Marriage Seminar which includes teaching such as Fight Fair or Call 911, The Art of Communication, In-Laws or Outlaws, just to name a few. Topics including teachings on priorities, communication, children, finances, in-laws, gender specific roles, and how to deal with blended family dynamics. Additional Seminars are available, Call 911 My Marriage Is On Fire!, Who The Heck Are These Kids? Coaching is available on all topics.
Faithfully Blonde Ministries is a partner with Twogether Texas, a marriage program that offers accredited pre-marriage training to couples in the state of Texas. The benefits of attending one of Debbie’s seminars is you will receive a $60 credit towards your license and fees and the 3 day waiting period is waived. Upon successful completion of the premarital training you will receive a certificate to present to your County Clerk for a $60 discount on your marriage license.
Debbie has been married for over 30 years to her best friend Ruede. They have three grown children and one of their biggest joys in Ruede and Debbie’s life is being MaMa and PaPa to their two precious grandsons. 
Ruede and Debbie Co Pastor Gateway Church of Brady and travel ministering to marriages and families nationwide. Debbie also serves as chaplain with Market Place Chaplains.